Standalone Farm, Letchworth Hertfordshire

Although I had heard of this little farm before, only last month did I think it was about time we visited. I therefore went on to their website and booked two events; the Fairy and Mermaid ones, because I knew Ita would enjoy these most.

Each ticket was only £10 and although their photos on Instagram looked really beautiful, I reminded myself that £10 does not go very far these days so I shouldn’t get my (nor Ita’s) expectations up too much. The fee was for the themed event but also for the farm too which included animals as you would expect, and the play areas and sandpit also. I had to check a few times because I was certain I wasn’t ordering correctly. £10 is so budget friendly but I was assured that I had booked properly so off we went. 

Last week we visited for the Fairy event. I had scheduled out a morning for this, thinking it would probably be a swift visit. I was wrong!

The event starts in the arts barn where Ita made a wand, decorated a fairy door and a unicorn mask and done some colouring in too. This took about 30 – 40 minutes but you weren’t rushed.

Afterwards, we walked across the field, led by a member of staff, to the little forest where we followed a trail. The trail is decorated with fairy doors, dragons and colourful threads. At the end there were two beautiful fairies blowing bubbles and larking around. The fairies looked absolutely incredible! Ita was mesmerised by them and they engaged so well.

We were right at the front for this trail and we did feel a bit rushed by the other parents behind us, although I don’t think this was deliberate. Everyone was really excited! I would suggest taking your time here and soaking in all of the decorations they have put out. I also think the fairies looked so good that it is worth generating a conversation with your child before meeting the fairies. Ita just kept staring at them – afterwards she said they were the most beautiful fairies she’s ever seen and had a whole range of questions she wanted to ask them!

After the trail we decided to go for a walk to see the pigs, goats and horses. I kept checking the time though as I had only factored in an hour or so – Ita was disappointed to be leaving so soon but I reminded her we were due back for the Mermaid event too… luckily!

This morning we headed back and after our visit last week I just knew the Mermaid one would not disappoint. Again the event starts off in the Arts and Crafts Barn where Ita made a paper jelly fish and decorated an under the sea themed magnet, as well as colouring in a star fish.

We were then escorted to meet the Mermaid who was in water! Actual water! The children were encouraged to remove the plastic from the water she was in which I thought was a brilliant idea. All around there were decorations such as a turtle with crisp packets in its tummy. A fantastic way for children to learn about sea pollution!

Again, Ita was in awe. She couldn’t believe there was a real mermaid in water with bubbles everywhere! The set up was really very impressive. Shes asked could we go back this week and for £12pp I am really considering it.

A little tip here… Stay behind to make sure you get a proper meet and a lovely photo. It was a tad chaotic here as the staff are just so polite. Parents were standing in front of children – probably because it really was all quite stunning, but it was annoying to be honest. We left pretty quickly because of it and I kind of regret doing that!

We then headed outside to the electric carts. Ita wanted to go on these when we initially visited by I didn’t have the £1 coin. This time I came prepared! We then spent some time looking at the animals again and Ita played in the outdoor play area which is just by the miniature railway (it is very cute and Thomas themed!).

There is also a daily schedule which includes; 

Pig feeding- 10:45

Meet the Donkeys- 11:00

Tractor Rides- 11:15 until 12:00 (weather permitting)

KuneKune Pig Feeding- 11:30

Meet the Pony- 12:00

Milking Demonstration- 14.30

Pig Feeding- 15:15

Tractor Rides- 15:15 until 16:00 (weather permitting)

Meet the Pony– 16:00

There is also a little café on site which has a decent range of cold and warm food and drinks. The prices feel reasonable too. Given it is so cheap to attend, we have on both occasions eaten here.

Although I don’t feel you could spend an entire day here, you could happily spend around 4-5hours here, especially so when the events are running. If you are travelling specifically for an event, I would suggest incorporating in a few things which are close by too such as Hitchin Lavender. 

The events here seem to change each week so it is worth checking frequently so you don’t miss out. Just before the fairy one, there was a dinosaur one on. We have decided to purchase the annual pass which for a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children) is only £82.

Another little tip – dress up! We had such a lovely morning getting ready for the mermaid event and Ita had lots of compliments.

Overall we really enjoyed the events and I think they are perfect for purse friendly days out. I feel like Standalone Farm is a real gem and we will definitely be returning when they have other events on.

To look at their website and to book tickets to an event see the link below.

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