Zog and the Fly Doctors Theatre Tour

We had such a fantastic trip to the theatre this afternoon to see Zog and the Flying Doctors. So much so, we felt it deserved a blog post!

The story remains true to the original in that Zog, Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout go on a flying adventure to tend to a sunburnt mermaid, a unicorn with one too many horns and a lion with the flu. However, the King (Princess Pearl’s uncle) has other ideas about whether princesses should be doctors, and she’s soon locked up in the castle! An adventure pursues in order to free the princess and unite the medical trio!

I have to say, @freckle_productions have done a brilliant job with this immersive production. The show is for younger children, the recommended age is from 3 years though a smaller child could easily enjoy this show. With that said, the last few years, specifically the numerous lockdowns and event closures, means the youngest children have really missed out on many social experiences let alone theatre ones. Even at a childrens theatre show the general expectation is that a child sits through the show without distracting anyone else, but Freckle Productions changed the flow of the show by deliberately including children. Talking directly with them, instead of simply putting on a play. This was genius. That simple modification meant that even those who are unused to the theatre, was able to completely enjoy it. The show was perfectly created to engage the children whether to reintegrate them back into the theatre world or to introduce them to it! 👏🏻

The show is touring the UK until the end of August so head to http://www.Zoglive.com to find your closest theatre.


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