Checking in for the Disney Magic at Sea UK Cruise

Today was the day! Today was check-in day!!

I have eagerly awaited this day because it meant that we could reserve our seats for the big show onboard The Magic and pick our embarkation time too. Getting an early slot to board the ship was possibly more important to me than the show, since the cruises are so short. I wanted to make sure that we had a decent enough of time on the ship to see everything. On the first day, Disney allow you to visit everywhere and see everything (spa, kids club, Palo etc). This is specific to only the first day. Therefore as Ita had asked us repeatedly whether we could come to the kids club with her, it was important that we could do on the first day. After that she would need to go on her own.

The check-in line opens from 5am UK time, so I set my alarm for 4.30am and set both my laptop and my phone up ready to begin. My husband also had his laptop ready too because one mum advised that her phone wouldn’t load anything so she had to get her husband to help, which in turn took them hours to finalise their check-in. Those who set sail before us have already been through this process and so did warn me in advance that it was quite a lengthy and stressful one.

As soon as it hit 5am I was able to book the show for the first night and then reserve a slot for the kids club, just in case Ita really wanted to go. This was so easy and I felt really optimistic that the check-in would be too! However the whole system seemed to slow down entirely and refused to accept Ita’s photo.. Of all of us it had to be hers! She was still upstairs fast asleep at this point so retaking a quick snap wasn’t really an option. Eventually at around 6.45am we completed the check-in and secured our embarkation time! I was so happy to get a slot before 1pm.

Some tips others shared with me:

Get up early!! Everyone I have spoken to has indicated that they started check in early. This is mostly to secure a good embarkation time. It is essentially first come, first served.

Have both your phone and your computer or laptop ready to check-in and have both photos and pictures of your ID on each device, just in case one is loading better than the other.

Focus on booking the show first. I was pretty annoyed to learn that the show is not a given and that in fact it was limited capacity which meant not everyone will get to see it. Therefore if you want to see the show, you need to prioritise this.

Instead of entering your card details, opt for cash. It will speed up your check-in process!

Hopefully your check in goes smoothly!

2 thoughts on “Checking in for the Disney Magic at Sea UK Cruise

  1. That’s exciting you checked in! It does sound a bit stressful though having to get up so early to check-in then having the issue with the photo.


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