Dressing for the snow

Theres no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. Its something my granny used to say to us when we were younger and staying with her in Ireland. In true Londonder style, we would complain about Ireland being too cold, too wet and frankly, too uncertain. I always thought my granny made this saying up until my lovely Instagram friend (lolaahmadu) shared a post back in December and attributed it to Alfred Wainwright!

Honestly, I used to hate when my granny said it to us. It was in such a tone as to tell us off for being city folk. She was right though. There really is no such thing as bad weather and if you have the mind frame that there is, then you are probably going to miss out on lots of fun adventures. Britain is not known for its sunny climate so you really do need to make the most of whatever the weather is and still plan fun days out and things to do.

I like to think we are equipped for most types of weather now and when the snow (finally) arrived yesterday, we were well prepared to go and have fun. We spent 5 hours outside building snowmen and sledding. It was just what we needed with this lockdown! I received quite a few messages about Ita’s snowsuit so I thought it would be ideal to do a blog post to refer to.

The cold weather is by far the hardest to plan for. I say that because you need to invest in pieces that you may only use a few times a year. This is why most families tend to purchase one big coat and wellies for the winter months. It makes sense. However, snow items last years so they too are a really good investment.

Ita’s snowsuit here is a 2 piece from Amazon. It was only £35 and as you can tell its quite big on her. I deliberately bought this size because it was intended for Lapland in December 2021 (well, hopefully). I am quite sure it will last this year and next year too. The trousers are dungaree style so have adjustable straps. Ideally snow suits should be suite short so they fit on top of snow boots. The jacket is very big too. So this set may actually last 3 winters! You can probably tell, Ita chose the colour. It is also available in pink, navy, red and white. It is worth the £35 investment for sure.

2 piece snowsuit from Amazon

(Here is the link to the snowsuit).

We also have another ski suit for Ita by Wedze, again it is quite big and will last a few years too. This one we used for skiing because it isn’t as puffy but has fleece inside. It was reduced in Decathlon. One of my favourite places to pick up a winter clothing and accessories bargain.

Ski suit from Decathlon

In fact, the outfit is still in stock and the jacket is currently only £14.99 and trousers being only £12.99.



One main thing that made yesterday was our snow gloves. There is no way we could have stayed out as long. Ita’s navy ones as seen in the pic, were only around £5 from ebay. We also bought her a pair a few years ago when we visited Poland and they still fit her. These types of gloves are sized in a way that means they should last years. Dominic and I also have snow gloves which we bought from Decathlon too. They were approximately £10. Again, these should be a one off expenditure for us so is worth purchasing.

We have used these gloves skiing, when we visited the indoor sledding and of course yesterday. So they have come in quite handy!

At the moment, Decathlon have children’s snow mittens for £1.49! Be quick though!


And of course, I had lots of comments on Ita’s snow boots. These are of course Dior but there are lots of other, very affordable ones around. Moonboot are very iconic but places like Trespass, Decathlon and even Aldi, sell snow boots for as little as £10. A little tip though, some snow boots come in regular sizing, which means you may only get 1 or 2 years wear out of them. Others however are sized with a bigger scope i.e. UK1-3. These are the ones I would recommend because they are likely to last a lot longer.

Last but definitely not least is a woolly hat. We have so many of these which is probably obvious. Some of Ita’s sets are from when she was as little as a year old. (In fact this pink set below is 4 years old!)

My favourite brand is Kinder because they look beautiful and elegant but the hats are only about £15.

Whatever the weather, enjoy it. Children really are only small for such a short amount of time and if you are only planning adventures on the warm days, then you might look back and find you’ve missed out on making lots of memories.

One thought on “Dressing for the snow

  1. Being from Hawaii and moving to New York I had to learn a lot of how to dress for the cold. It was good to learn about base layers most importantly and duck down jackets.


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