Zippos Circus, Hampstead Heath Press Visit

Last year we had a lovely treat seeing Zippos Circus so we were really pleased when they invited us to see this years show too!

(Ita last year at Zippos).

Since we attended the circus last year, we did wonder how much would have changed or whether the routines would be similar. Actually, the entire show was different!

I’m always so blown away by the talent at Zippos.

Ita was amazed by the contortionist and we were clinging to the edge of our seats when 5 motorcycles entered a large metal ball (seriously!) at such high speed.

A trip to the circus seems like such a treat to Ita since she loves Dumbo and The Greatest Showman. In fact, when she met the Ringmaster she said, and I quote, “you’re like the mouse from Dumbo!”. It really was a highlight of her evening.

This year, Zippos are also celebrating Norman Barrett MBE 20th year as Ring Master!

Tickets are now on sale, link below.

Luckily, Zippos have kindly provided us with a discount code for 30% off – ZIP50

Further info!


Zippos Circus are also holding an open house at 11am on Tuesday 22 October. This event is FREE!

It is not a show but instead a free session in the circus tent to show how the performers train as well as meeting some cast members.

The open house is such a good way to introduce families with small children to the circus and make them feel comfortable.

Although it is free, registration is required (link below)

2 thoughts on “Zippos Circus, Hampstead Heath Press Visit

  1. Gosh what a great idea a circus Open House is! I’d love to go and see them training and get a chance to see behind the scenes. I’ve also been thinking a little sadly lately how so much media lately is about scary clowns, so a chance for kids to see clowns up close and learn they’re not scary is a great opportunity.

    Also is that your little girl in the first photo? What a gorgeous little outfit!

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