Paradise Wildlife Park, Hertfordshire Press Visit

Today we visited one of our favourite places to have a family day out, Paradise Wildlife Park (PWP) in Broxbourne, Herts.

PWP has been under going many transformations over the last year or so including a new home for the big cats. On our last visit, the area where the lions were located, was literally a building site. Since then, it is a gorgeous sprawling area where you can view the lions at almost any angle.

Perfect view of the lions

Due to the ongoing works, we were unable to see the snow leopards and cheetahs. However we did get to see the tigers which is always one of Ita’s favourites to see.

Typically, you would be able to see white lions, tigers, snow leopard, ocelot and jaguar. With storm Dennis on the horizon however, the big cats were put away from 11am and will be inside until Monday afternoon (17th February).

One of the best areas of this park is the Australian Outback where the meerkats, wallaby’s and emus live. You have the opportunity to get so close to these animals and the layout means people keep moving along, which is perfect for allowing you to view.

The cheekiest meerkat.

We moved along to the “hooves and humps” area and discovered zebras, reindeers, alpacas, tapirs, camels and deers. Again, you have the opportunity to feel like you are so close to these animals. The space is huge but careful consideration has obviously been given to viewing. Ita, being only 3 years old, could see the animals perfectly through the fencing which meant she enjoyed it a lot and it also meant we didn’t have to keep picking her up to peer over!

Up close with the zebras

The Angkor Reptile Temple is home to all sorts of creepy crawlies! I won’t lie to you, Ita did not want to stay in here for long at all and I could help but laugh as she tried her hardest to escape!! Here you will find snakes, spiders and even scorpions! (Perhaps you’ll side with Ita in not wanting to stick around!)

Ita’s nemesis!

PWP has one of the largest primate areas that we have ever visited. In fact, every time we have visited, the monkeys are always the first animals we can here! The tamarins are always a firm favourite.

PWP offers a really unique experience in the form of World of Dinosaurs. It is by far the best of its type and the dinosaurs are terrifying. Ita was so afraid of some of them! There is also a little train that takes you through this area but unfortunately due to the storm, there was too much debris on the tracks.

Perhaps the only dinosaur that Ita wasn’t afraid of!

Throughout the day, there are so many opportunities to meet the keepers whilst they feed the animals or host “talks”. These are really interactive and occur very frequently – around every half hour! (Check your map for details and timings).

Ita and her monkey friend

As well as feeds there are also shows too! The Show Arena is located within the Birds at Paradise area (situated behind the Discovery Centre). Here, you will be able to walk around and view the collection of birds and tortoises, plus some of the small mammals. The presentations will take place in the Arena and you must be seated at least 5 minutes before the show is due to start.

There are a few experiences and tours that you can book here at PWP. This time last year Dominic fed the red pandas which he really enjoyed. You can also feed tigers and penguins, meet meerkats and lemurs and have encounters with wolves and snakes! The sloth encounter is booked up already for 2020 so if these appeal to you I would book ASAP. Prices range from £99 + and always require booking in advance.

Of course with it being Winter, we didn’t explore the Paradise Lagoon splash park but it is something we will remember when it heats up! (This is included in your park tickets).

As mentioned, the weather today was not ideal and the storm did cut out day short. We didn’t quite get to try the safari crazy golf or the huge children’s play area, or tumble jumble or the adventure playground!! There really is so much to do here.

Currently, there are a few closures that remain until the complete opening just in time for Easter 2020. Due to the refurbishments, I would suggest checking before you travel to make sure what is open.

You can purchase reduced rate tickets in advance here;

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