Hidden Gems / Secrets at Disneyland Paris

The attention to detail in DLP is really fun and so clever. Every single visit we discover something new and it adds to the excitement of our family breaks. So! Here are our favourite “secrets”…

By the coffee shop on Main Street USA is a window that reads “Piano Lessons”. If you listen carefully, you will hear the sound of someone practising their scales during a piano lesson. We always tell Ita that it’s Marie practicing with her brothers! 🐾

Some other sounds to listen out for on Main Street USA include someone fiddling with the taps in their bathroom (above Victoria’s Style Restaurant) and of course the dentist’s drill next to the Discovery Arcade. In fact, every single time we visit Ita asks whether she needs to visit the dentist and of course we say “depends how many Mickey snacks you have!!”.

My favourite hidden gem is in New Century Notions shop, where there’s an old-fashioned phone on the wall. If you pick it up you can hear funny conversations from the past going on in one of the houses down the street – Ita genuinely believes we’re eavesdropping!!

One of the best things about DLP is the animatronic dragon under Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – it is incredible!! As you stand facing the castle, to the left is the entrance to a cave. According to Disney the dragon isn’t Malificant but say it is anyway!

Upstairs in Sleeping Beauty’s castle you’ll find guards who are under a sleepy spell – listen carefully you will hear snoring!

In Fantasyland you’ll find the Sword in the Stone. Apparently the sword DOES come out every now and again and if you manage to pull it from the stone, the nearest cast member will crown you! (Though, we have never seen it happen).

Head to the graveyard by Phantom Mansion, turn left and then up to Boot Hill Cemetery. Listen carefully and you’ll hear a heartbeat or scratching to get out of the grave! How creepy!

I’m sure there are loads more, why not share them in comments!

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