Cinderella Afternoon Tea, House of Fraser

I’ve been asked a lot recently for ideas on things to do that are princess related and then someone asked if I would recommend this tea.

If I’m honest, I had completely forgot about the afternoon tea that you can have in the Cinderella carriage within House of Fraser… and this is why!

For Ita’s 2nd Birthday, we booked this little experience. At the Tea Terrace within House of Fraser you can chose to have tea in a special ornate carriage with Cinderella. On this occasion we only booked the carriage because Princess Belle had visited her at home! We had thought that the carriage would be magical enough.

When we booked this it was relatively new and so we were really disappointed to find that the seats were broken in the carriage and was partially held together by duct tape. The food was not themed at all which was also very disappointing. I think we ordered a few sandwiches and we felt quite annoyed that the concept had been sold to us as a themed afternoon tea, when in fact it was more so a cafe.

Overall the experience was totally below par and far too expensive for what it is.

The carriage costs £25.90 and there is an additional usage fee of £12.95 pp or £10.95 for those under 12 years. For this fee you have the carriage for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

On top of these fees you then have a £21 minimal spend – which usually covers beverages and food.

The carriage holds 6 people (4 adults).

The carriage is bookable directly via

The princess can be booked separately by one of the party companies that they work with. You just need to email your details and a cost will be charged separately. Feedback from another mum on Instagram was that having booked Cinderella, she then posed with other children which didn’t feel right.

Here are some snaps from our visit.

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