Drayton Manor Theme Park (in collaboration with Red Letter Days)

During the bank holiday weekend we were kindly invited to Drayton Manor Themepark in Tamworth. This was via Red Letter Days.

Drayton Manor is of course home to Thomasland, based on all the characters from Thomas and Friends. Thomasland is situated within the main Drayton Manor themepark.

Ita is not a big Thomas fan and our niece Mia, is almost 10 years old so I assumed that we would be spending much of our visit in the main park! I was so wrong! The girls really enjoyed this part of the park and so we spent most of our day here!

Thomasland is definitely aimed at the younger ages – I would hazard a guess at babies to maybe 5 years? However the rides are so diverse that even Mia enjoyed them! Since our last visit in 2017, more rides have been added and although the lines are long, there was so much to look at aesthetically, that it seemed to distract the girls.

Within the main park there is also a Zoo with a dinosaur trail and a 4d cinema experience.

The Zoo, albeit small, is spread out well and has just the right number of animals to pass a small amount of time. I believe we spent about an hour in here looking at the reptiles, tigers and of course the red pandas. The dinosaur trail was really very small so it just adds an extra few minutes to the zoo! (Literally 5 minutes!).

The 4d Experience based on Ice Age, was a highlight for Mia! She wanted to go on again and again so definitely factor this into your visit! It’s only about 15-20 minutes long but it’s a funny show with great effects.

There is also a hotel situated at Drayton Manor themepark although we didn’t have time to explore! However, having had a quick look on line there are offers to stay here which include tickets to the park. If you are travelling far then this may be the better option for you.

As mentioned above, our trip was via Red Letter Days. This is a gift buying company that I highly recommend. Red Letter Days covers all budgets, all over the UK, from spa visits to afternoon tea, car racing and hot air balloon rides!

The thing we love the most about Red Letter Days concept is that there is a gift for any occasion. For us, family days out are the most important. You can’t put a price on the memories made. Our trip included our meals too! So if you were to purchase this as a gift for a family, they wouldn’t have to spend extra (which is so helpful!).

Vouchers are valid for 10 months which is great as it means you can plan way in advance.

One of the reasons we think Red Letter Days is considerate is the sheer fact that you can even exchange your experiences for FREE. The onus really is on the gifting experience with minimal stress.

Here is the link to Red Letter Days but below you will find a link direct to the Drayton Manor Experience.



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