Shreks Adventure, London

A while ago now we were invited down to Shreks Adventure. We cleverly decided to save the trip for October since we had heard that the story was to revolve around witches – perfect for Halloween!

There is no photography or filming allowed inside so let me explain it to as best as I can!

As we entered Shreks Adventure we were ushered into a lift by an American bell hop! We took the lift down and we boarded the magical (4d) flying bus which was driven by Donkey!

The bus ride seemed loud and fast but Ita didn’t mind at all and seemed to really enjoy the effects.

Donkey crashed the bus killing Rumplestiltskin’s favourite witch. This of course made him very angry and here is where the story begins… stranded until Far Far Away!

With an angry Runplestiltskin on our tails we needed help from Shrek to get back to London.

We made our way through each room where we met the likes of Cinderella, a Fortune Teller, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio and the Muffin Man. Each room was designed so well that it was easy to forget that you were in Westminster!

The characters were so engaging and the experience was completely interactive. Children were encouraged to take part in the fun and adults were asked to stand back to allow the children to see – big thumbs up from me on this!!

At the end of the journey Shrek makes his much anticipated appearance and saves the day. This is the only opportunity to have your photo taken at all and especially so with Shrek.

The experience lasts about an hour but it flew by! This is obviously part of Merlin who also do the London Dungeons etc so if you have visited there then the experience is very similar, of course with a Shrek spin!

At the end you also get to explore other DreamWorks set-ups such as Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon. I think personally they should expand on this bit!

Tickets can be purchased on line with standard tickets costing £20.50 per person. (Link below).

Some things to consider – no buggies allowed! You have to drop them off at the beginning of the experience and collect right at the end.

The opportunity to purchase photos of at the end of the experience and it is very very crowded. We waited about 20 minutes just to get our receipt to collect our photos in the gift shop.

We absolutely loved Shreks Adventure and were so glad that we visited. Thoroughly recommended!

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