Treasure Trail Maps – Review

We are really missing our days out. They are a huge coping mechanism for me personally to balance out my work and frankly, the monotony of lockdown has really started to take its toll. Of course we’ve been going on daily walks and bike rides, but even those have become a tad boring now too!

I came across Treasure Map Trails on Instagram and the idea fit perfectly with the current circumstances. So I purchased the Tring (Hertfordshire) trail and we planned to go as soon as the weather was dry.

Our treasure trail map!

Every Treasure Map Trail is based around a small section of a real town, aiming for no more than one mile between the two furthest points so that little legs don’t get too tired. The clues are not too difficult which meant that Ita was engaged the entire trail. We did get stuck at one point but there are handy clues (and even the answers…) on the back of the map to help you along.
Another thing that Ita really enjoyed was taking control of the map and marking off the “treasure”. Treasures are works of art, statues, quirky creations and eye-catching features that they’ll see if they look up, look down and pay close attention to their surroundings.

Making our way around the trail…

We were actually stopped by a lady who was enquiring about the map as she said she had seen someone else with it the day before!

With every map completed, your child moves up one rank in the Treasure Map Trails Academy, from Cadet to Captain to Explore to Adventurer and finally a Treasure Hunter Master, earning their very own certificate each time. (You print the certificate at home). I love the fact that you can purchase trails by easy, medium and hard ratings as it means you can decide what is most appropriate for your child(ren).

Ita wanted to take control!

There are currently a number of trails with more being added weekly.

So far there are trails in;Aylesbury, Berkhampstead, Cambridge, Chester, Hemel Hempstead, Iron Bridge, Leyton Buzzard, Shrewsbury, St Albans, Stony Stratford and Tring.

We had a really fun morning doing the trail and can’t wait to do another! I would say we spent around an hour and a half doing this trail at a leisurely pace. The website suggests breaking the map up and doing a bit of the trail over a few days. I think if you went for the more difficult maps, then this is a really good idea.

One tip though, plan where you want to start. It really helps with the flow. We deliberately started our trail at 9am so that it would be very quiet out too.

They are priced at £5.99 and available directly from Treasure Map Trails website;

5 thoughts on “Treasure Trail Maps – Review

  1. trail maps and challenges like these are really fun to do with kids. It’s a very common thing to do here in Japan in Halloween parties


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