Disneyland Paris at Halloween

One of the questions we get asked the most is when is the best time to visit DLP. In honesty, for your first visit I would suggest a warmer month such as June or July but of course seasonal theming is a big deal and its obviously done so well by Disney! The main reason I would recommend those months is because it is quite nice to enjoy the sun. The weather in this part of France is much like England. When it is sunny, its gorgeous. When it rains, well… it pours! Plus I think it is quite nice to get photos without the seasonal decorations unless you are lucky enough to go again! This is simply a personal preference!

We had never visited DLP at Halloween until October 2021. We had the most incredible time! We cant work out whether it is because it had been over a year since we had visited the parks or whether it was down to the spooky fun. It is most probably a combination of both of those reasons but our Halloween visit will forever be such a special visit for us.


Firstly, as a family this was our first visit to DLP in October but I have previously visited in this month too. The weather on both occasions has been lovely and mild. Cool enough to perhaps require a jacket but mild enough to mean you aren’t loaded with layers of clothing. It is worth noting though that October is one of those months where it can be quite warm or quite rainy. The thing we love about October in general is it is that perfect time of year where you quite look forward to the feeling of Autumn/ Winter.

Decorations/ Theming

The décor as soon as you enter the DLP gates is so striking! It starts from the Town Square and goes all the way down Main Street. We did notice that the décor continues into Frontierland but that there wasn’t much in any of the other areas. This didn’t really bother us because it still felt like there was heavy theming. The castle especially looks fantastic and gets a special make over courtesy of Malificent!

The Coco theming in Frontierland fitted so well. Honestly I cannot describe how perfectly it fitted into this area. We really liked that you get to meet so many characters dressed up in this spot too. It made for the perfect backdrop!

Characters in Costume

One of the first characters we saw was Stitch in his costume and it made Ita so happy! We also met Mickey and Minnie in Frontierland and Jafar in Adventureland.

In Disneyland Studios there is a special Villians meet ( Ita was terrified!!). Here we met the Evil Queen, Jafar, Cruella, Captain Hook, Queen of Hearts and Lady Tremaine. At other times you could meet Gaston and Dr Facilier!

Halloween Snacks

We can honestly say we have never seen so many themed snacks at Disneyland Paris, as we did during the Halloween season! We found lots on offer along Main Street but the best place was in Frontierland. We were spoilt for choice.

We definitely plan on visiting again for the Halloween season.

This year it starts from 1 October and runs through to the 6 November 2022.

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