Marvel Universe Live, at The O2 London Press Visit

On the weekend we headed to the o2 London to see Marvel Universe Live. We were very kindly gifted these tickets a few months ago and although we knew Ita loved Spider-Man and Ironman (because of Marvel Season in Disneyland), we weren’t too sure how she would react to an entire show! However, we needn’t have worried – she absolutely loved it from start to finish.

We started the day off by giving Ita a very small present of an Ironman figure. This was a deliberate attempt by me to make sure that she didn’t ask for more merchandise when we got to the venue! (Yeah right!!) I think this little present was well received as she wouldn’t put him down at all! I always recommend a small little gift if your not planning on buying merchandise because kids will almost always ask and it feels a bit mean saying no – maybe we’re too weak!

If you have previously visited the o2 then you will understand that I’m not exaggerating when I describe it as heaving when an event is on. It’s manic! We did not prebook parking this time so we parked in car park 2 and it was only £7 for the entire day.

Security was quick and easy despite the amount of people. We did see quite a few older children and adults being turned away from the show because they were in fancy dress. I honestly felt so incredibly sad for them. They looked gutted. So here I am going to reiterate what I have put on Instagram – if you are older than 14 years you cannot wear fancy dress to the show. It’s much like the rules for visiting Disney themeparks and even Disney on Ice. There is no exception to this rule so please share it!

We were sat in block 111 and in row G so we had a pretty decent view throughout. If I could recommend seating however, I would suggest not sitting on the sides because much of the show is aimed at those directly in front (unlike Disney on Ice etc).

The show was completely mesmerising and I think Ita may have glanced away only a handful of times! She was enthralled and to be honest, so were we! Dominic really enjoyed the show because he is a huge Marvel fan, but even I could appreciate the choreographed stunts and the visual special effects. The fact that this show is completely acted by professional stunt people blows my mind. I can remember going to Universal Studios as a child and seeing a stunt show, and even now I remember thinking how talented and brave those people were!!

The stunts were so smoothly executed that you would be forgiven for forgetting that what they are doing is in fact really dangerous!!

I looked up at one point and could see an entire team of people making sure that everything was in place for the stunts.

The show is set around Nebula (one of the daughters of Thanos) who steals a powerful wand. So the Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel heroes unite! Ita loved that the “baddies” weren’t too heavily featured!! I was wondering how Hulk would be incorporated into the show – I won’t spoil it – but it was brilliant!!

The show is actually quite long, I think almost 2 hours in total? But there is an interval mid way. I know with other Feld Entertainment shows, you can order snacks and merchandise to your seats, but I am unsure if you could here.

There was quite a lot of merchandise on offer. Soft toys, clothing and the traditional ice cups were everywhere. Ita went from the Groot one!

London was the first stop of the tour and will be running until 6 October.

Then the tour carries on to Sheffield, Glasgow, Liverpool, Belfast, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham.

As the last stop is early December, the show would make an ideal Christmas gift!

Link for tickets is below.

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