Mini Mode – Global Kids Fashion Week, London

To kick off London Fashion Week, Mini Mode (in their 5th season) put on their showcase event at St Marys, Wyndham Place, London.

Mini Mode is the creation of Amanda Rabor and a network of creators, influencers, marketing experts, visionaries, media partners, and sponsors that wanted to establish a platform for the kid’s fashion market which would show off up-and-coming designers and major kids brands from around the world during London Fashion Week.

We were invited as guests to the event by Mini Mode and have had a long relationship with one of the brands that was taking part in the show.

We were so proud and happy that Ita was asked to be a model at the event, but she was adamant that she didn’t want to take part as she would be too scared – we didn’t push it as to a 3-year-old, I bet it would be very frightening (when the show got going though, she was desperate to get involved, but unfortunately it was too late – maybe next time if we are lucky enough to be asked).

The show lasted around 2 hours, but it really didn’t seem that long as it was so much fun.

We were worried Ita wouldn’t enjoy it, as it can be a little boring just looking at kids walking up and down, but Ita surprised as both. She was really intrigued with the models and the clothes. She picked out her favourite outfits and was constantly commenting on which she liked and did not like.

She also tried to turn photographer by taking my phone and snapped more than 50 photos of the children taking part in the show.

There were an abundance of brands showcasing their new clothing lines, the brands featured include:

  • Mitch / Mitch & Son (UK)
  • A Dee Girls (UK)
  • Bellos Boutique (UK)
  • Zoobug (UK)
  • Ray & Roy (Nigeria)        
  • Little People London (UK)
  • Madpax (USA)
  • LB Swim (UK)
  • iScream (UK)
  • Bebebebe (Korea)
  • Embroidery by FJ (UK)
  • Baronessa Demi-Couture (Latvia)
  • Charabia (France)
  • Billieblush (France)
  • House of Juniors (UK)
  • Present De L’ondee (Japan)

There were some truly beautiful pieces that were shown on the catwalk, and Ita pointed out her favourites.

The highlights for us were:

  • Ray & Roy, a Nigerian company that specialise in custom made luxury dresses for girls. The dresses are bespoke, and the designs reflect this.
    • Ray and Roy have now launched their Mummy and Me options which are perfect for those once in a lifetime special occasion!
    • Their amazing dresses looked so beautifully made, with the best materials and fabrics, they really caught the eye of me, my husband and Ita.
Ray & Roy
  • Bellos Boutique create unique traditional children’s wear. They have a traditionally English style, with bows and bonnets for the girls and braces for the boys. They use vibrant colours and have amazing attention to detail.
    • The style of the dresses and boys’ outfits on show are exactly the outfits my daughter has been wearing since she was a baby, and we picked out at least 2 or 3 that she would love to wear.
Bellos Boutique
  • Baronessa Demi-Couture brings into a small fairy kingdom with their collection of exquisite silk trouser suits, dresses made of noble materials and decorated with rubies, pearls and crystals. The outfits looked truly unique and ended a magic feel.
    • Another brand that focuses on girl dresses, their style is tres chic (as Fancy Nancy would say), with diamantes, sparkles and huge flowing dresses they truly caught our eye also.
Baronessa Demi-Couture

In conclusion, I couldn’t recommend attending the Mini-Mode event more. It was a wonderful experience for all of us, my husband really enjoyed it too and is looking forward to attending the next event in September.

To find out more information or details about the next event from Mini Mode, check them out here

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