Halloween Festival, Marsh Farm Essex

(Press Trip)

We have just returned home from a brilliant day at Marsh Farm and all I want to do it talk about it! As always, the theme is eccentric and detailed and we had such a ghoulishly fun day.

Ita and Frank

At the moment, you can buy tickets to either the pumpkin patch or the halloween festival (which includes access to the pumpkin patch). From the moment we entered the farm we could see lots of pumpkins and decorations and we even got to meet a character straight away.

I think I have spoken about this a lot, but meeting “characters” is one of the best things you can do from a child’s point of view. It really brings it to life! Ita also met Frankenstein and a fortune teller! There were also other characters including an incredibly tall skeleton, a wizard and a walking pumpkin!

Ita collecting her sweeties from the beautiful fortune teller

To start off with, we played a quick round of crazy golf. I always convince Ita that crazy golf starts at the 8th hole… thank me later parents! The area here is not manned so golf clubs are sorted into ones that are clean and ones that need to be disinfected but the signs are very obvious.

We then headed to the 3D cinema to watch Hansel and Gretal. The show is on quite frequently but remember you need to wear a mask inside unless you’re exempt – they do have ones on the door which I was really impressed with because as good as we are, Dominic forgot his today and we thought it would mean that we had to miss certain things out. Ita loved the show – it wasn’t scary at all so perfect of your child is slightly apprehensive about Halloween. (Just like Ita is!).

Pumpkin picking!

There are 2 small fairground rides situated just by the 3D cinema so Ita went on these and then we decided to collect our Halloween Quiz sheet to hopefully follow the trail and win a sweet treat! To collect your form, you need to head to where the bouncy pillow is. Ita actually got one wrong (LOL to blaming the child) but she was given a riddle and asked to repeat it to the fortune teller. The fortune teller must know all of the riddles off by heart because she knew which question Ita had gotten incorrect. Long story short, Ita got her treats! The story tellers set up is brilliant and is such a gorgeous photo opportunity.

Close by was the pumpkin patch so we headed there. The field was packed with lots of pumpkins and different squash but it was quite busy so we didn’t spend much time here. Again, there are lots of photo set ups. All gorgeous and detailed. When you enter the farm you are given a £3 voucher for a pumpkin and there are actually lots available at decent sizes for this price.

There is also a Halloween funfair here now and it looks really good! It was just a tad too scary for us but what a fab addition to the event!

Yet another photo opportunity

The Halloween Festival includes:

🧟 Spooky Walkaround Entertainment
🎃 Free Pumpkin to the value of £3 per full paying child
🎃 Free entry to our Pumpkin Village
🎥 3D Halloween Cinema
🤪 Adventure Play
⛱️ Sand Pit Fun
⛳ Crazy Golf
🍔 Takeaway Food & Drink
🐷 Adorable Animals
🎠 Carousel and Tea Cup Rides
🤪 Outdoor Play
🏰 Bouncy Pillows
👻 Spooky Fun Fair

The Christmas shop is also open and the ornaments and decorations had me thinking about putting up my tree on 1 Nov… I might still do that!

Anyway back to Halloween… You must book your tickets in advance and the Halloween is only on from 24 – 31 October!


Prices are dependent on age but start at £15.99.

We had a brilliant day. I honestly believe that Marsh Farm go to such lengths for their events and it really shows. It is not one to be missed!

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