Character Dining at Disneyland Paris

Hello again! This time we are going to share done information regarding Character Dining at Disneyland Paris!

If you are familiar with other Disney parks, you will no doubt feel like DLP really does not have as much to offer.

Dinner at Cafe Mickey

However, character dining is one of our favourite things to do at Disneyland and we have not yet done a trip without one! I will always recommend factoring a character meal into your budget as I really think they are a highlight of our trips.

What are the options? Well effectively there are 5 places where you can eat and meet Disney characters. However some restaurants are only open for breakfast and others are only open for dinner.

I have played around with how is best to explain and I think it is best to do it as follows!

Character Breakfast at Plaza Gardens

Character Breakfast:

Auberge De Cendrillion

Ita’s absolute favourite restaurant at DLP. This is because it is also known as the princess restaurant. However, whilst you can have breakfasts here, it is now purely with Mickey and friends, and not the princesses as initially tried! I am not sure why this is actually as ADC is very much known as the place to meet the princesses.

There are 2 breakfast sittings here; 8.15am (for Disney residents using their extra magic hours) and 9.45am.

ADC is based in Fantasy Land quite close to the castle and is a table service restaurant. You will need a valid park ticket to eat here.

Plaza Gardens

You can only eat breakfast in this gorgeous restaurant, however they serve an American style buffet which frankly is delicious. Here you meet Mickey and friends. We have had breakfast here twice and we absolutely love it.

There are 2 breakfast sittings here; 8.15am (for Disney residents) and 9.45am.

Plaza Gardens is at the bottom of Main Street USA and like ADC, you will need a valid park ticket to eat here.

Character Lunch:

Auberge De Cendrillion

Now here is where you get to meet the princesses; usually Aurora, Cinderella, Belle and Rapunzel however we have also been lucky enough to meet Tiana here! I know a few have said they have met Ariel here, but we haven’t (yet).

As above, this is Ita’s favourite restaurant. The princesses are fantastic and pay each child special attention.

You also get to meet Suzy and Jac. When Ita first met them on her first birthday she was terrified, but now she genuinely looks forward to seeing them!

I would personally recommend a lunch over dinner (we have done both). There is actually a 4 princess policy here – if you do not get to meet at least 4, tell your waiter and they will make sure that you do! Not many people know this and it really is a valuable tip.

This is a seated service restaurant and is known to be the most expensive, however I would absolutely try and factor this into your budget.


Inventions is a buffet restaurant based on the 2nd floor inside the main Disneyland Hotel just outside of the park. As such, you do not need a valid park ticket to eat here. This restaurant is where you will meet Mickey and friends, but also hosts the more obscure characters too.

Every Sunday this restaurant hosts their Sunday Brunch. Now, for some reason this seems to be a bit of a secret?

It takes place each Sunday between 1-4pm. Every week the theme of the brunch changes which makes it very different from the standard meal (lunch or dinner) at Inventions. The themes include Lilo and Stitch, Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland however you will not find out in advance what the theme will be!

In addition to rare and special characters, you will also get the VIPs (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, Pluto, Chip and Dale) in special outfits each week as well.

Character Dinner:

Auberge D’Cendrillion

Auberge D’Cendrillion open their dinner reservations for 6pm and is much the same as the lunch, so please see above.

Café Mickey

Is based over by the Disney Lake in the Disney Village. A lot has changed here over the years and it is now only open for dinner.

Here you meet Mickey and friends so if you have booked a character dining else where, it is worth weighing up how worth it this visit is.

We had dinner here in 2017 and we really enjoyed it. The staff were lovely and the characters made a huge effort with a one year old Ita. It is a seated service and the food is basically a selection of pizza and pasta which is perfect for a child.

As it is based in the Disney Village you will not need a valid park ticket so this is a good way to kick off or close your trip to DLP.

Buffalo Bills Wild West Show

I have included this show because you get to meet Mickey before it starts and it also serves a tex-mex dinner during it also. I am actually going to refer to this place as an arena as it is pretty big! Inside the arena there are 2 category for tickets. Before the shows starts you will have the opportunity to meet Mickey in his wild west costume. I have actually watched this show twice before having Ita and whilst it is good fun, it is loud and dark so it wouldn’t appeal to her at all. The start times are at 6.30pm and 9.30pm so may not be suitable for a smaller child and the 6.30pm show is known to sell out.

The tickets can be quite pricey too so I would really think about what this experience might add to your trip!

This arena is based in the Disney Village but closest to the parks so again you will not need a valid park ticket to watch this show and eat here.

These types of Character Dining Experiences at Disneyland Paris are incredibly popular and get booked up very quickly. So, to avoid disappointment, advance reservations are highly recommended and can be made up to six months prior to your arrival date.

You can call the Dining Reservation Service on +33 1 60 30 40 50.

Lunch at Auberge D’Cendrillion

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