Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tour

Over the weekend, we visited the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to attend their new Stadium Tour.

I bought this as a gift for Christmas last year, as I thought it would be a guaranteed winner and I knew my husband would love it (and of course he did).

As we drove up the Tottenham High Road, we were met with the most incredible looking building amongst the shops and houses of Tottenham – it is honestly an amazing looking structure.


We got parking right outside the ground which was very handy (a non-event day of course) as parking around the stadium is usually quite difficult.

We were advised by email to start the tour at the club shop. After a short wait, we entered and were met with the largest club shop in Europe – it is truly huge, packed full of Spurs kits and Spurs themed merchandise.

After we checked in, we were led to the auditorium, before the tour started, we were played a very poignant video about the history of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Now I am not a football fan of any measure, but it was very emotive and got me very excited for the tour to start.

We were then shown the hospitality entrance and ushered up to the 9th floor, literally the top of the stadium to check out the views which were incredible. Then we took our seats on the 4th floor to see the pitch from the best view in the house (pretty much where the Chairman seats).

We were told of the mechanics of how the pitch was constructed, how they cater for the NFL games and how the sounds the fans make can be kept in the ground with the way the stands were built (sounds boring but a shout of “come on you Spurs” by 40 people resonated and made a lot of noise).


Next we were taken to the state-of-the-art changing rooms, so we can take snaps of my husbands’ favourite players and Ita really enjoyed the time to have some attention on her.

We then were led out of the players tunnel so we could go pitch side and have a seat in the managers seat which was another great photo opportunity and a really enjoyable part of the tour.

For last part of the tour, we were taken to where the manager and players hold their press conferences, this was a perfect photo opportunity which my husband ran to do as I sat on a comfy journalist chair 😊

Now the tour took around 90 minutes, which seems like a long time, but the time flew by, and we were kept so engaged by our tour guides and Ita really enjoyed it too.

This tour is an amazing behind-the-scenes attraction for Spurs fans, football fans, sports enthusiast, families and visitors to London and we would highly recommend it as something to do.

If you want more information about the tour, please have a look here:

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