Princess for a Day, Disneyland Paris

Last year we travelled to Disneyland Paris to celebrate Itas 3rd Birthday. One of the main things we planned to do was the Princess for a Day experience. This experience is the equivalent to the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique in America.

You cannot book this experience in advance prior to your trip however, once you are in Disneyland you can book for up to 3 days ahead. (This is really handy for planning your activities). Something to be aware of though is that the minimum age for this experience also is 3 years and this is because of the makeup/ face paint.

The only way to book this experience is by entering to the Disneyland Hotel and heading to Gallerie Mickey (the hotels giftshop) on the 2nd floor.

The experience ranges from about 55euros all the way up to a couple of thousands of pounds. The basic package includes hair and makeup as well as a certificate and a photoshoot to finish it off. The most expensive package is the same, but you meet a Disney princess and spend the day with her in the parks. Amazing, right?

We went for the basic package because we had no idea what to expect and I didn’t want Ita to get bored. We waited outside the experience area to be called in and Ita was placed in a chair ready to have her hair and make up done!

Ready for hair and make up!

The lady doing the hair and make up was really skilled. Ita had very short hair here and she still managed to do a french plait so don’t worry if you’re child has short hair.

Look at her face!!

The hair and make up part takes a very short amount of time. Maybe 10 minutes max? Once this is finished the lady sprinkled glitter over Ita and told her that her photo shoot awaited!


The photo shoot area is right next to the makeup area. The photographer really makes the effort to get beautiful pictures and was very engaging. These photos are purchased at the gift shop afterwards.


The entire experience is about 20 minutes long which seems very short. However, the cost reflected this and I do think any longer and it wouldn’t be so fun. I have to say, Ita thoroughly enjoyed this and she certainly didn’t think it was over quickly.

I think this experience is definitely worth booking for a little princess. There is the option to transform into a pirate too but I’m not sure that has the same excitement. The price for the basic package is worth it and you can bring your own outfit like we did.

Tip! Book early if you can as you can head out into the park afterwards. The cast members seem to recognise the make over and pay special attention!


5 thoughts on “Princess for a Day, Disneyland Paris

  1. Such a lovely idea and gift. I bet she really enjoyed the pampering and in the limelight of the photo shoot. I know my daughters would love this experience.


  2. This looked like it was so much fun! What an experience. I wish we’d known if there were any experiences like that when my family and I visited (18 years ago……)


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