Disneyland Paris Q&A – part 1

If you follow us on Instagram, you will have seen that there has been quite a few requests for tips on visiting Disneyland Paris. I have already done quite a few posts but obviously our blog allows us to provide a more detailed narrative!

I popped a questions box up on my stories and decided to break them down into a Q&A style response!

• Who do you book with? 

Typically we book with Magic Breaks as we’ve always found them to be reliable but now that we’re annual pass holders, we book everything separately. We will be visiting in the next few weeks and will have booked everything separately so I will do a little cost break down on this visit. Typically, you get some great deals on Magic Breaks and by booking directly with Disney and if we were not APHs then we would still book everything this way!

• What age do you think DLP is suitable from?

Honestly, a baby! That’s the fantastic thing about Paris. There are even lots of rides that they can go on. Ita’s first visit was on her 1st birthday and it was so memorable. Children are free before 3 years (they are excluded from certain things because of this).

• Best places to eat in park/ village and where to get Mickey snacks?

Head over to my DLP guide on Instagram for snacks as I’ve popped information in there previously and it’s quite handy. Aside from character dining, we love the Mickey pizza from Belle Notte (its only about £5) and Earl of Sandwich in the Disney Village! The cafe down Main Street and the Old Mill do some great snacks too including Mickey waffles. We always enjoy the food at Plaza Gardens as its buffet style. The Disney Village has McDonald’s and Five Guys too which is handy for quick service. Actually this might need its own post!!

• Do you think it’s worth visiting without character meals?

ABSOLUTELY – in my opinion, we probably won’t do any more character meals until the Sunday brunch is back in the Disney Hotel. We’ve done them all so many times and enjoyed them all. It’s a nice addition but it’s nothing like meeting a character in the park!

• Best place to watch fireworks?

You will see them from anywhere so don’t worry but if you stand behind something i.e. a bin then you’ll have less chance of someone standing right in front of you – which happens to me all the time! Gotta love being short!

• Is the Studio Park worth visiting?

100% YES! It has our favourite ride there – Ratatouille, as well as Toy Story Land, Cars Road Trip, Crushes Coaster and some good shows too! It’s where Disney Juniors and Stitch Live is shown.

• Any unusual suggestions?

Head to the Studios and do a drawing class – they’re free and so much fun. It’s a great place to head to if it rains! Enjoy character meets in the hotels every evening (around 7.30pm) – anyone can visit!

Under the “Guides” section you’ll find lots of information so don’t forget to follow us on Instagram too!

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