Sorrento, Italy

Forgive my lateness to this post! So many people had messaged me via Instagram with so many questions that I wanted to plan this blog post to ensure I was providing the info requested.

A few weeks ago we travelled to Sorrento in Italy for a weeks break. We had booked via TUI because we found what we thought was a brilliant deal of flights, transfers and at an all inclusive resort. We had actually booked this holiday back in August 2018 so had plenty of time to pay it off gradually!

We stayed at a 4 star hotel called the Parco Del Sol which was set in the rocky mountains on a steep hill.

Holiday package TUI –

We are of course southerners so flew from one of our local airports – Gatwick. Usually we would spend the night in a hotel with direct access to the airport but on this occasion we felt we did not have to given our flight was scheduled for midday take off.

But it didn’t. Take off that is.. not until well after 9pm! Yep that’s right, we were delayed by quite a number of hours and bored stiff in Gatwick. I have to say, TUI were absolutely useless. Not only did we receive no explanation of any delay, but when we finally got to the gates at around 9pm, the staff were rude, ignorant, unsympathetic and unhelpful. This delay meant we lost our first evening in Sorrento as we did not get to the hotel until 3am. I have to say, Ita was as good as gold but she is only just 3 years old so that could have gone the complete opposite way!!

The reps at the hotel the following morning were no better than the staff we encountered at Gatwick. There was no apology or even acknowledgement or what had happened. We rarely saw them during our stay.

The hotel (Parco Del Sol) –

We had booked this hotel knowing that it was smaller than what we were used to but we had convinced ourselves that it would likely feel more authentic of Sorrento by doing so.

The hotel itself is undergoing major renovations and the newer rooms do look much nicer than the old ones. The pool, although basic, was still so much fun for Ita. I think the only issue with the hotel was how repetitive the food was – pasta and pizza every single meal – but then again, maybe that’s normal since we were in Italy!!

The one thing I will say is always bare in mind that a 4star in one country is not the same as in another. Chose a hotel and then research it loads via different websites and social media before finally booking it.

Excursions –

We visited the ruins of Pompeii, made our own way around Sorrento and hired a private boat to visit the Island of Capri whilst we were on holiday.


We booked this the TUI reps as when we had previously visited Rome, we remembered how busy the queues were at the Coliseum.

The traffic in Sorrento is notoriously manic so although we left our hotel at 8 am we didn’t arrive at Pompeii until after 10!

On the day we chose it was a blistering 32degrees and there is no shade at all. However we couldn’t not go! I’m so glad that we did as it’s such an incredible place.

Sorrento –

We took an evening stroll into central Sorrento where we had dinner and went lemoncello tasting.

It was heaving! It’s far more busy that I could explain and I’m a Londoner born and bred!

Island of Capri –

There are a few ways to head to Capri from Sorrento but we decided that hiring a private boat would be the best option for us. I didn’t fancy hanging around in the heat on a ferry and I was unsure how Ita would handle the waves!

We had unfortunately picked a day where the waves were rather choppy so the smaller boat seemed to struggle. I think generally though the water would be ok in July, it was just sods law!

Once we got to Capri we took the lift to the top of the island where the gorgeous boutiques are. It really did remind me of Monaco. We stopped off for lunch and cocktails at Hotel La Palma which is a beautiful hotel.

Capri is stunning and well worth a visit to.

The boat company was called You Know Boat (which I have tagged on Instagram).

We have also been asked whether we think Sorrento is child friendly. This I’m unsure of. The locals were lovely and so friendly especially to Ita. However it was manic and overcrowded which is hard with a small child. For example you simply couldn’t have used a buggy/stroller here.

During this trip I have put some stories up of little travel hacks – I have made a Highlight for this info!

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