Beasts of London, Museum of London

On the weekend we were kindly invited to the Beasts of London exhibition which is at the Museum of London, in Barbican.

The exhibition explores all the animals which have contributed to the long history of the Capital starting with the Romans and through to the present day.

The way Beasts of London set up is so different to any other exhibition that we have visited. You walk through different rooms from history such as the Victorian era, where trips to the Circus to see elephants and other exotic animals were common, to riding a beautiful carousel learning about how important horses have been to the likes of the Royal Family!

The visit was so immersive thanks to the animations that surround you in every room. They completely grabbed Ita’s attention.

Each room plays the specific story every 7 minutes so you can step out if needed and rejoin at your own pace. (So handy with children!)

I think Dominic’s favourite room was the apothecary where as Ita loved the carousel! Mine was without doubt the Victorian room with the elephants!

This tour took us about an hour and a half and we totally lost track of time. We actually thought we had only been in the exhibition for about 40 minutes!

Afterwards we decided to spend some time in the rest of the museum, completely unaware of how fun this particular one is! We really enjoyed our visit! A must do this summer for sure!

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