The Disney Store Opening Ceremony

Since posting about this on Instagram, I have received messages daily asking about it so I thought it would be easier to do a blog post on this.

In case you are unfamiliar, some Disney Stores have what is known as “Opening Ceremonies” when the shop opens daily for business. This is where a child (or adult!) is asked to help Disney staff awaken the magic by officially opening the shop using a huge special key. Staff count down whilst the lucky child turns the magic key into the lock.

Those who are lucky enough to do the Opening Ceremony are gifted with a miniature duplicate key which is a keepsake / collectible. At times where the key is not available, staff can use their discretion to gift you a toy instead.

You can not book this in advance. The only way to take part is to be the first person outside of the shop prior to it opening. Therefore my advice is to get there very early and make it known you were there first!

The ceremonies only take place at Imagination stores. In the UK, these stores are in; Aberdeen, Blackpool, Belfast, Bromley, Dublin, Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Oxford Street, Westfield Stratford, Sunderland and York.

This is entirely FREE and truly memorable. Ita was completely blown away and it made her feel very special.

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