Haven Holiday Park, Hopton

Now where do we start? Firstly, boo to us for being so snobby about a holiday to a caravan park! We had all the wrong ideas of what to expect and we now happily admit that!

We booked this little break well over a year ago and paid a small monthly payment of around £35. Our break was meant to be from Monday to Friday but due to work (and sickness!) we didn’t make it to Hopton until Wednesday.

We booked the Prestige New Model compromising of a spacious 12 foot interior. This particular caravan had an outdoor seating area which appealed to us as it meant that Ita could play somewhat outside with supervision.

On our first day we headed straight to the main building where we found that there were many activities ready to take part in. Ita decided that she wanted to paint (another) ceramic unicorn (I swear to God we have a room full of these!!).

This was an extra cost of £18 but there are cheaper options available. I believe prices start from around £7 but do go up to about £50!

The swimming facilities at Hopton are brilliant! We spent 2 hours on both days in the pool and Ita must have gone on that water slide at least 50 times!

Swimming is included in your booking so this was handy. Remember to pack your own floats and arm bands because they are quite pricey.

The evening entertainment at Hopton was something that Ita really enjoyed. Song Bugs UK put on a really fun and interactive show. I was quite annoyed however that it appeared the same children were being picked over and over again as winners or to take part in the show. Ita really tried her hardest to show enthusiasm and ability but was really over looked by them!

The Haven team also put on a show which Ita loved – she was so desperate to meet them after too!!

One thing we found great was that you could order food like Papa Johns directly to your table from your phone! This was such a plus because it meant Ita could take part in the entertainment whilst we closely supervised her!

On the Friday morning it was time for breakfast “with characters”. Now, this would be fine however the term implies we would be meeting ALL of them and not just one.

Ita waited so patiently whilst Greedy the Gorilla went from table to table meeting families – I was so proud of her to be honest!

Then out turn came and I could see the excitement in Ita’s eyes.. She jumped up and gave him a huge hug and thanked him for the show. However, 2 families stood by our table lingering just so they could meet Greedy without waiting! The parents allowed their children to try and grab the mascots attention which frankly I found disgusting. Ita wanted a photo with Greedy so we stood up and they still did not move! I had to ask the chaperone to ask them to move away! (Honestly what is wrong with some people?!)

In fact you can see I’ve had to cut out the child in this photo!! I completely understand why a child finds it hard to wait patiently however I have no understanding whatsoever as to why their parents did not pull them back and tell them to wait. I do think the chaperone should have noticed herself and told them off frankly!

After breakfast we headed to the arcades which is actually quite small – I’m not complaining! This means we spent less money on the rides and Ita mainly stuck to the 2p machines!

She got lucky and won her favourite Toy Story character, Jessie!

We have previously been to the Caister on Sea park but it isn’t a patch on Hopton!

Top tips;

If you can, book well in advance and secure the best caravan. It’s so worth it and the monthly direct debits are minimal.

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