Kew Little Pigs, Amersham

What a lovely day we have had at Kew Little Pigs in Amersham!

The farm is home to the only micro pig breeders in the UK, so focus is on exhibiting the micro pigs and educating people on their intelligence, understanding their needs and owners responsibilities. Mia was completely sold! She really wants one (sorry sis!).

I have to admit, I couldn’t quite believe how smart they were! We even witnessed one plan their escape… and succeed!!

You have to book this in advance via the website and book a time slot. This is because before every experience, there is a brief health and safety presentation.

There is about 8 pig pens but only one contains the babies and this was the only pen that Ita was allowed in to. This was quite disappointing but also completely understandable considering just how strong pigs are. The only little issue we had here was that only a very limited amount of people were allowed in this specific pen at a time and of course this was the one that everyone wanted to go into! It’s a shame adults do not put the needs of small children first and I even had to ask one couple to step out so Ita and Mia could enter. (They has been in the baby pen monopolising the baby pigs for 20 minutes by this time!). The staff were very young and I think they felt like they couldn’t be more authoritative. (They were incredibly nice however!).

All in all, although I wouldn’t recommend a big travel to visit here, if you live within an hours drive this is definitely somewhere to visit!

We were very kindly gifted our trip here today however there are some deals currently on Wowcher!

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