Flip Out – Brent Cross

A few weeks ago now, we were invited along to Flip Out for their Mini Flippers session.

This is specifically for under 5s who have full run of the trampolines and foam pits!

We invited my sister and niece along and both Ita and Annalise were exhausted after their visit. They both loved how big the space was and that there were so many trampolines so they could chase each other! The best thing about this place is that children simply can not be active! It’s constant GO!

The 3 minute safety movie at the beginning of the session is just long enough to explain the Do’s and Dont’s without boring the children. They really seemed to take it in too!

We will definitely be back here so that daddy can come with us next time!

Bounce and play for 2 hours for only £7.95. Additional child £4.95. PLUS 1 x adult flips for free.

(You must also buy the Flip Out grip socks at £2.50 a pair).

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