Christmas Day at The Ritz, London

A few months ago I was online trying to book our annual festive afternoon tea at The Ritz. Usually, we would aim to book for a weekend half way through the month but I realised we had possibly gone over board in booking other activities… because of this we really didn’t have much spare dates in December.

However, I did spot that CHRISTMAS DAY had a few slots available and decided that actually, a trip to The Ritz on Christmas Day might just be the perfect treat!

For us, Christmas Eve is our real Christmas. We typically spend the day indoors watching movies, playing board games and will have a traditional roast dinner too.

We booked the 3.30pm slot and a few weeks later The Ritz emailed me to ask for Ita’s details (age and interests etc). I did think this was a tad odd but i replied with the details and within minutes, I received another email telling me that Santa would deliver Ita a present over our tea! I was really surprised because we didn’t pay a premium for our booking so it was a really nice touch, compliments of The Ritz.

As previously mentioned, we do visit each year and we are always more than satisfied with the service and with the staff. They always go to great lengths to make us feel welcome and the staff always pay great attention to Ita. They even greet her at the door!! Not many other places acknowledge children so it means a lot when somewhere like The Ritz can.

This year’s decorations is much like other years – I’m not complaining! I love red and gold decor and it always looks stunning. The tree in the reception is exceptionally beautiful.

When we sat down for tea we asked for some plain sandwiches for Ita. Our waiter brought Ita her own plate of identical sandwiches but without the condiments – perfect! As always, the food was delicious and we were stuffed quite quickly. At The Ritz, if you want more sandwiches etc you can simply ask and they will happily provide you with more at no extra charge. (We have been to a number of other places that will charge you more!!).

Half way through our food we would hear a bell being rung and a bellowing “Ho, Ho, Ho”!

Ita shot up from her seat to see Santa!

I can say without doubt that this was such a magical and special moment. Ita was completely enthralled with Santa, especially with it being Christmas Day!

Ita opened her present which was a washimals – a present she actually really wanted!! We saw that some other children received Lego sets and the older girls received what looked like jewellery. Such lovely and well thought out gifts.

It was so perfect that we have already decided that we will visit again next year on Christmas Day. I’m putting a reminder to book on my phone right away!!

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