Legoland, Billund – Hosted Visit

Did you know that Lego originated in Denmark? I can’t believe we didn’t know this! It’s where it all started. The very first Legoland park opened in June 1968 in Billund, and sits just by the original Lego factory.

As you may have guessed, we are huge fans of Lego and Legoland theme parks! We have annual passes for Windsor and have also visited the Legoland in Dubai too. So when we were invited to check out Legoland in Denmark, we were very excited. Last month we took a short plane journey to Billund, to check out the very first Legoland resort.

Getting There

We departed from Stanstead, London and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Billund is just less than an hour away. We flew with Ryan Air and our flights cost us only £30pp thanks to Skyscanner.

We picked one of the first flights of the day (if not the first) because we typically find that there are less chances of this flight being delayed. As we were going for only 2 nights/ 3 days, we wanted to make sure getting there went as smoothly as possible.

Since we were only travelling for a weekend we decided that we would just take rucksacks, rather than incurring fees for bigger luggage. This worked out brilliantly for us. It made getting around that little bit easier and it made me realise how unnecessary the amount we bring away usually is.

Billund is very small which is very convienant when it comes to getting around. The airport is very close to the Legoland Resort too at approximately 10 minutes by cab. This journey cost us £11, however during the summer months there is also a free shuttle bus that takes you between the airport and Legoland.

Legoland Theme Park

As we were visiting over a weekend, we were expecting to find the same or at least similar levels of crowds as Legoland Windsor. We were completely wrong (possibly the first time we have ever been happy to have been so!). The queues were far less than we have experienced in Legoland Windsor for example, and even the most popular rides had a short wait time of only 20 minutes. Many of the rides we simply walked on and I have to admit, this made a big difference to our experience.

The theme park is very much suitable for small children, with many rides specifically designed for the use of a family. As a trio, we often find that one of us has to sit on our own but we found this was only applicable to a few rides here in Legoland Billund. As well as catering for smaller children, there are plenty of bigger rides too for those who love an adrenaline hit!

One thing we noticed was that there were Lego stations spaced out in the queue lines. This is such a great idea. The children were happy to queue because they had something to distract them and this meant that parents didn’t feel so impatient too. Little things like this demonstrated just how child focused the park was, not just child friendly.

The princesses were walking through the park, happy to stop and talk or take photos with visitors. There was some signs for meet and greets but unfortunately we didn’t manage to see a character.

The park reminded me quite a lot of Windsor. It had many similar rides but typically our favourite cant be found in Windsor. The Eagle is worth the short queue and if you do visit, we highly recommend this roller coaster. Ita’s favourite was the UniKitty’s Disco Drop, just by Lego Movie World. 

On Brick Street you will find Duplo Fun and the Creative Workshop. These are much like the Lego centres over here and Ita really enjoyed spending time in here creating things out of Lego. Also on Brick Street you will find the Aquarium too. I have to say, we really enjoyed The Great Lego Reef centre and found it was a great place to head to when it was raining. The Creative Workshop is totally free, where you can learn some tips and tricks for your builds.

Currently the Brick or Treat event is on for Halloween and next month sees the Christmas event running from 26 November – 31 December.

Hotel Legoland

This hotel is an absolute dream. I initially put a child’s dream but decided to change that because in fact it was brilliant for adults too!

There are various play areas around the hotel, this includes Lego making points as well as Nintendo game areas too. We spent more time in here than I thought we would, but Ita really enjoyed the Lego points especially.

The hotel lobby is completely themed with a huge Lego brick Ollie the Dragon in the middle, which can be climbed and is interactive, then there is a nicely sized Lego Shop where you can obviously purchase a lot of Lego sets but some snacks and drinks too.

We stayed in a Lego Friends themed room which was spacious as well as beautifully decorated. When you stay in a themed room, your kids will receive a free gift (Ita received a Raya the Last Dragon Lego set and was very happy).

Also all kids in the hotel are able to take part in a daily competition too. They have to find clues around the hotel that will answer a question, you then place your answer into a post box in the hotel lobby and a child with the correct answers has the chance to win some Lego goodies. 

When you book a room in the Legoland Hotel, you have access to a really good fitness centre, a sauna to help you relax and a really lovely restaurant and bar where you can have a drink at the end of a busy day at the park!

Also when you book a room at the hotel, you automatically have your breakfast included. The buffet breakfast was impressive, with a huge array of different types of food, from cereals to hot food, cold meats, cheese, the most amazing Danish breads and also of course Danish Pastries. 

Another huge benefit of staying at the Legoland Hotel, was the walkthrough to the park. You follow a pathway at the hotel lobby that takes you to an entrance in the theme park. You can enter the hotel at any point in your day and come back to the park at your leisure (provided the park is still open I of course). We did this on the second day of our trip and enjoyed some chill out time in the hotel lobby.

We cannot wait to visit again!

To see a tour of the room head over to our Instagram!


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