The Dream Garden, by Boo Productions

We had the most amazing and magical experience thanks to Boo Productions! We were invited to The Dream Garden pop up event in Leicester Square to meet the fairies of each season.

You see, once in every Dream Year, a magical portal to the enchanted fairy kingdom appears and a special few are granted access…

Ita and Mia met with the fairies from Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. They learnt their secrets, made fairy dust, and caught magical honey in their special nets.

At the end they were each given a special key, with individual powers. This was a lovely little extra and as it was completely individual, it made them feel so special.

The team behind this particular pop up were brilliant! They completely engaged the children from the moment we entered and their energy kept everyone enthralled.

There is expected to be a Christmas event too which we will undoubtedly be attending but keep your eyes peeled on their Instagram account.

Their website is also

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