Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea, The Sanderson Hotel

One of my favourite themed afternoon teas is (and I’m sure will remain) the Alice in Wonderland tea at The Sanderson.

The menus are hidden within vintage books and teapots and the theme is very well thought out and obvious. Every item on the plate was themed visibly and I loved that the mini drinks even had the Drink Me tags on! It really is such a fun tea!

The food is delicious and plentiful and we were even offered more.

The settings itself is a bit drab and it can easily feel cramped. The hotel itself isn’t too pretty but the room in which we had tea was like a little green house! I wish we had asked to be moved to the other side where the beautiful plants were since there were plenty of of other tables available but this is a lesson learnt on my part. However, I can totally imagine taking Ita here and feeling at ease. This is one we will aim to bring her to this year for sure!

Prices do vary – adults are from £48 and children are £35. Those under 4 are free.

There is currently 20% off!

You can book here;

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