Chi Restaurant – Intu, Watford Collaboration

Over the weekend, we were invited to visit the newest restaurant to open in the Intu Shopping Centre in Watford – Chi.

Chi is an Asian inspired Street Food restaurant.

The dining area is small inside, but now there is a lot of seating outside which makes it easier to have your food in comfort.

When ordering, you go to the counter, pick your food, they provide you with a buzzer for when your food is ready.

The menu has an array of Asian food choices such as:

Bao Buns (5 different choices including vegan).

Small Plates including Baby Back Ribs, Gyoza, Prawn Toast, Chicken Wings, Panko King Prawns.

Big Bowls with Satay Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Katsu Chicken, Thai Chicken, Beef Short Rib, Vegan Panko Sweet Potato.

There are also kids’ options which were fried chicken with rice or noodles and vegetables.

Banh-Mi (Baguette) with Satay Chicken, Fried Chicken, Pork, Beef Short Rib, Vegan Panko Sweet Potato.

They also do desserts, which include Crispy Sweet Bao, Ice Cream and Bubble Waffles (we wish we tried these at the time, but we will next time)

We ordered three different types of Bao Buns (chicken, pork and beef), chicken gyoza, Katsu Chicken Curry with Rice, the Teriyaki Chicken with Rice and Ita had Chicken with Noodles.

The food was freshly made, and you could tell when you receive the Bao Buns and the Gyoza’s.

The Bao Buns are currently my favourite type of food, so seeing these and the way they were made was mouth-watering and so nice to taste!

We couldn’t recommend this place more, we loved the food, loved the service and was surprised at how reasonable the price of the food was.

The staff were so friendly and accommodating and were always making sure we and other customers were happy and satisfied.

The restaurant is also very child friendly and the menu is catered for kids but there was no obligation for the children to have their own meal.

We will be back to visit again very soon and no doubt it will be a regular occurrence.

For more information about the restaurant, please have a look here:

4 thoughts on “Chi Restaurant – Intu, Watford Collaboration

  1. Looks absolutely delicious and it’s awesome they have vegan and kid’s options! Definitely will check it out if I ever have the chance!


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