Everyone Active, review

A few weeks ago, Everyone Active contacted us and asked us to try one of their family programmes which has been designed to keep you active, especially during the summer holidays.

We have always been a family who get out and about loads but lockdown slowed us down completely so we couldn’t wait to try out some of the activities on offer. One of the best things about Everyone Active is that you can book ‘taster’ lessons. These might be things that you are intrigued to give a go, but do not want to commit to a full term of classes for example. We love exposing Ita to a range of different adventures so this was perfect for us.

We decided that we would try a few different things that we do not do so frequently.

Our programme:

Day 1 – Tennis at Paddington Rec in West London.

Day 2 – Family Swimming at Westminster Lodge in St Albans.

Day 3 – Play in the park. We took inspiration from the app and played tennis again too!

Day 4 – Wall climbing with Steve Hart at Westminster Lodge. 

Day 5 – Cooking at home with the help of Jonny Marsh.

We found that using Everyone Active encouraged us to book things such as swimming which I feel we have taken for granted. Ita has been taking swimming lessons since she was 3, and since the last 18 months has been dictated by covid and its rules, we have not been able to watch her in lessons. This was the first time we went swimming as a family since the beginning of 2020. We couldn’t believe how well she could swim! Family swimming will become a permanent fixture for us now.

Family pool at Westminster Lodge

We also tried our hand at Wall Climbing, which is not something we may have tried out if it were not for Everyone Active. Ita especially enjoyed this and it turns out Dominic isn’t too bad at climbing! The instructor, Steve, was brilliant. He was incredibly well informed and was very patient since we have never been wall climbing before.

By signing up to Everyone Active, you can book various activities at a huge number of different centres across England. There are so many centres, each with different lessons and classes such as tennis, ice skating, table tennis, badminton and gym and spa. There is even gymnastics classes and skiing too! We found that the ability to visit multiple venues, was really useful. Especially handy if you are planning a staycation!

Many of the centres also have creche facilities which is such a welcome addition to the accessibility, especially for mums and dads alike.

You can download the Everyone Active app and from there you can set up your own family activity plan – completely free! There are some brilliant activities to try. You never know where you might find a talent!

For further information, head to the website (linked below).


Ad – partnership with Everyone Active

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