Bristol Zoo Gardens Review

During the end of the summer holidays we visited Bristol Zoo which is one of the oldest zoos in the world.

The zoo opened to the public on Monday 11th July 1836 and there is no denying that the historic decor of the zoo is evident. It is possibly the most beautiful zoo we have ever visited. The landscaping in itself was gorgeous to see! The paths are lined with huge concrete urns on plinths filled with exotic plants. It really was stunning. What we liked about this zoo especially is that it was very easy to navigate, with no hills which meant it is perfect for those with buggies or physical disabilities.

The zoo itself is quite small but is home to some of the most amazing creatures from red pandas, gorillas to sea lions. We actually felt that the sea lion enclosure was the best we have visited – the layout is brilliant for you to see them well and it felt like they had a lot of space too. Unfortunately the butterfly enclosure was not open during our visit which was a shame.

There is a play area here which Ita really liked as well as a small splash pad area. There is also a high rope area called ZooRopia and this is at an additional cost.

There are quite a number of experiences that this zoo offers including Keeper for the Day, Meeting Penguins, Lemurs and Giant Tortoises. There is even a Gardener Experience too.

Bristol Zoo Gardens has helped save over 175 species from extinction in human care and in the wild. They have lots of conservation projects which I feel is really important to know about when you visit zoos. It was therefore really sad news to learn that this zoo is closing in late 2022. If you’re hoping to visit, then now is the time!

Bristol Zoo Gardens will continue to welcome visitors into 2022, and Wild Place Project will remain open throughout the development phase until it becomes the new Bristol Zoo in 2024. (Taken from Bristol Zoo Gardens website).

Children under 2 years are free and those aged 2-14 years cost £11. Adult tickets are £16.22. As goes prices, these are some of the most reasonable we have come across for zoos!

To book your visit:

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