Vax Platinum SmartWash Review

Last week we received the new Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner by Vax and I have been so eager to try it out! We have ivory carpets on our stairs and in all of our bedrooms and after 5 years, it’s fair to say that they needed freshening up.

Now that’s not to say we haven’t tried to maintain our carpets but lockdown especially saw my efforts go by the way side and so we ended up hiring a cleaner from a reputable company – I’ll get back to that!

Easy to manoeuvre in the hallway

The Vax Platinum SmartWash is the UKs first carpet washer with “motion sense” technology which means there is no trigger. It automatically washes and dispenses clean water and antibacterial solution when you push forward and then it dries when you pull back. Push forward – washes. Pull back – dries. It’s such a simple idea but it’s brilliant and means your carpets aren’t wet for hours on end. It also has a dry only feature too!

The brush bars in the front are specially designed, flexible bristles. They are designed to distribute the correct energy into your carpet fibres to effectively agitate and lift stubborn dirt and stains. Around skirting and doors especially I noted that our carpets had become marked – I think from dust. The machine has completely removed the marks from under the doors and significantly reduced marks by the skirting. I am so impressed with this.

The Platinum SmartWash also comes with a SpinScrub hand tool and a 2.5m hose. This was especially handy for the stairs and I plan to use it on our sofas soon.

The muck it collected – this was after using a different cleaner only a month before!

One of the best features is the Auto Mix. When we used a hire cleaner it was a complete hassle trying to mix the right amount of solution. It was also very easy to refill once the clean water had been used and because of this it made cleaning the carpets much quicker.

So I’ve alluded to the fact that last month we hired a carpet cleaner from a big brand. To put it bluntly, I was not impressed. The machine was huge, heavy and impractical for a home. The cleaning solution was a nightmare to mix and attach to the machine and my hand was left in agony by the trigger button. After all that work, my carpets did not look visibly cleaner and my rug actually looked worse. When I went on to the Vax website it stated “the Platinum SmartWash effortlessly outperforms the UKs leading rental and delivers a deep clean 7 times more effective than vacuuming alone”. I have to agree.

In motion…

It had never occurred to me to own a carpet cleaner. I had always assumed that the relatively low cost of renting a machine would suffice. However the effort to hire meant that 5 years passed without bothering to make the effort and after hiring a machine last month and paying £130 for the privilege, it really seems like false economy. By contrast, the SmartWash retails at £299 and I can see myself using it quite frequently which I hope means we might get another few years out of the carpets!

Overall I am hugely impressed. The machine is built so it can be used frequently and results are instant.

Want to check it out for yourself? Here is the link:

* PR product gifted for review.

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