The Little Beach Hut, Mersea Island

Yesterday we headed to Mersea Island Beach in Essex to enjoy the sun and have some family friendly fun!

Outside our beach hut

If you aren’t aware, Mersea Island is in Colchester and is quite literally its own little island. The island is divided into two areas – West Mersea and East Mersea and connected to the mainland by The Shrood, which is a little causeway that floods at high tide creating the island. Mersea Island is really quite famous for its oysters and beautiful beach huts.

Our visit was mainly because we were invited to use the beach huts by a local business called The Little Beach Hut company which has 4 huts on the island and is a fantastic way to have a hassle free trip to the seaside. The huts are named Peggy, Bertie, Lotty and Kitty, and they’re all individually decked out! It was such a pleasure to visit the beach without bringing everything needed for the day.

Yesterday we used Peggy – a front row hut with a decking area outside. This size hut is currently available for 6 people and is a really good size. Inside (and free to use for our visit) was beach toys, cutlery, plates, kettle, a wind breaker, deck chairs and two has rings with gas. Literally everything needed to have a fantastic trip to the beach.

Interior of Peggy

In terms of food, we decided to bring our own picnic hamper but the company can also assist with catering too.

The huts are suitable for all types of weather as they all either have interior glass doors or large windows. All of the huts have kitchen areas with sinks and gas cookers. I have to admit, the fact that Ita could play just outside in the sand, whilst I sorted lunch and Dominic relaxed in the deck chair, was enjoyable in itself.

Amenities free to use…

There are 2 car parks close by (really reasonably priced too) and the hut that we used was very close to the public toilets also. In fact, one little gem was that there was a small children’s play area in such close proximity with a cafe too.

The huts are available to rent by the day or for longer periods. They’re perfect for families especially but also for a little gathering too!

Mersea Island seems very small and quaint and before travelling, I couldn’t find much to do there. One adventure that stood out was a little boat trip “Lady Grace” however this was booked up way in advance (we had checked back in March!). I think the boat trip would have been really fun so if you are planning on visiting Mersea Island do check them out.

The experience of having a beach hut for the day has really changed my perception of having beach days in general. Typically I wouldn’t do day visits to the seaside simply because there is too much to bring and lug around in order to have w good day. The fact that everything we needed was already here for us made the whole experience a pleasurable one!

I would absolutely recommend The Little Beach Hut Company – perfect for a summers day out!

Nap time

* This review is part of a Press Trip

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