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A few weeks ago I posted some new stories that Tonies are releasing (to my stories on Instagram). These releases included a few Disney ones such as Frozen, Toy Story and Cinderella. In response, I received lots of messages and 2 mums in particular asked me to provide a review on them, as they are considering buying a Tonies box for their children come Christmas.

Itas collection so far!

Ita has had her Tonies box now for almost a year and has used it every day since receiving it! She was sent it last year to demonstrate and took to it straight away. Every morning she chooses a story and that’s how we start the day.

Tonies is basically an audio story book, especially designed for children. They describe it as “an imagination-building, screen-free digital listening experience full of stories, songs and more”. And I have to agree! Often, the box is playing stories in the background whilst Ita is playing with other things and it has cut her use of TV down dramatically.

Ita was one of those children who had zero screen time until she was around 13 months. (Believe me when I say that killed me!) but when we learnt she had sight problems at 15 months, you can just imagine my reaction. Sods Law or what! As I didn’t allow for screen time, we would typically listen to the radio a lot and my phone would always be blaring nursery rhymes via YouTube. I wish we had a Tonies as far back as then because they have little story books totally suitable for this age – singing ABCs etc. We have actually just bought a ToniesBox for our nieces as their main Christmas present. They will only be 16 months and 4 months in December but they will be able to benefit immediately and they will still be using it at Itas age and beyond.

Setting up the box is quick and easy. It took about 10 minutes all in all and you only need to set it up once. The adventures begin automatically when you place a Tonie (the characters) on top of the Toniebox. It magically (and magnetically) attaches to the box, allowing you to listen to something different every time. It is so simple to use that Ita does not need any help.

The Toniebox instantly recognises who’s standing on top, and they have the magic key. The key unlocks the right audio files so the box can download them from the Toniecloud. The story will begin immediately.

The ToniesBox is £69.99 (it was just on offer for £62 so keep your eyes peeled). Each story is £14.99 and we have a small collection so far. I have just ordered Room on the Broom and will be purchasing other stories in the next few months as Christmas presents for Ita. Especially the Christmas Carol one! Not only are there well known books available, but there are also educational Tonies too such as dinosaurs and sea animals.

Our favourite

The design is very simple and it does not flash colours or take up lots of space. This is why as a parent, I really rate the ToniesBox. I personally like that it doesn’t attract attention because it doesn’t distract Ita from doing other things whilst it’s on. I have also found that because the design is so simple, she does not keep messing around with it!

I really love our ToniesBox and I think it’s one of my favourite “toys” that Ita has. It is definitely worth the price and I think anything that stimulates a child’s imagination is brilliant.

Here is the link to the shop;

2 thoughts on “Tonies Review

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience of your Tonies box. My husband is really interested in it for our little boy (especially because he loves Room on the Broom) but I’m still not sold on it. Your review has given me a lot to think about for sure! Thanks again. 🙂


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