Ice Cream Making at The Avenue Cookery School, London

Press Visit

We were kindly offered the opportunity to take part in the Kids Ice Cream Making Class with The Avenue Cookery School in Wandsworth in South London.

As a family we are always trying to do and experience new things, and we thought this would be an ideal example of this.

Ita and daddy checking out the utensils

We arrived a little early for our 10am start, but Richard (the cooking instructor) was there setting up and allowed us to come in, take our seats, get comfortable and then wait for the other group. We were offered water before the class started and were given a brief introduction to the course and what we were potentially going to be doing in our session.

The class is directed at kids but having never made ice cream from scratch before myself and my husband learned a lot about how to make an ice cream base and all the flavours we could potentially make in our own kitchen.

Richard was a very attentive instructor and a very patient one too.

We then got down to making our custard base ice cream and we all decided to go with a vanilla flavour. This was especially good as it meant Ita (with supervision from me of course) was able to get involved quite a lot and help with the ingredients and the process of cooking the ice cream base. We heated up the cream and milk, added the sugar and vanilla extract and poured it into the gelato maker.

While the ice cream was churning, Richard showed us how to make some toppings from scratch, these included a caramel sauce, a chocolate ganache and honeycomb. We also sampled a lot of premade ice creams which were made the day before by Richard.

By the time our ice cream was ready to be scooped and eaten, we were already full up, but we persevered and eat some more, and I have to say. It was delicious! 😊 We used all the toppings provided and enjoyed every mouthful.

The prices start from £60 per person and lasts around 1 ½ to 2 hours. Kids at the age of 8-16 can attend alone (which is what the other group of students done).

The Avenue Cookery School offer a lot of classes for adults and kids, and I would highly recommend it as an experience for the kids and for yourself.

Myself and my husband have done quite a few cooking classes over the years and have enjoyed each one as it exposes you to different styles of cooking and gives you better cooking skills.

Thank you, The Avenue Cookery School, for a wonderful experience, enjoyed by all of us (especially Ita as it gave her the excuse to eat a lot of ice cream).

For more information about the school and what they offer, please have a look here:

She demolished her ice cream in a matter of moments!!

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