My First Camera

Ad – A month or 2 ago, MyFirst contacted us to ask if we would review one of their child friendly cameras. They sell a number of different cameras including instant printing ones but we decided the best option would be their original camera because of how compact it is.

Itas first camera

The camera is packaged well with no excess or unnecessary wrapping. The box itself is also quite small too at approximately 7 inches long and 3 inches wide. We’re really quite conscious of excessive wrapping and waste when it comes to packaging so I was pleasantly impressed.

Inside the box!

Inside the box was Itas pink camera of course, but also a charger, memory stick and stickers to decorate your camera with. The camera itself was much smaller than I was expecting however, Ita found the size very comfortable. It is light-weight (2.3oz / 65g) and portable that fits in the palm of your child’s hand nearly.

The camera has a 1.5″ color LCD Screen. The quality of the screen is not the best but Ita didn’t complain. We took the camera with us to our day out at Audley End and the long-lasting battery lasted the entire day. In fact, we are yet to charge it!


Ita was really happy that the camera came with the option to add funny frames and stickers on top of the photos she took. We are yet to print some of her snaps so when we do I will update this post with details on how well the photos print.

The camera is suitable for 4 years + but I would say it is very easy to use. They also do a slightly bigger camera for children 6 years and up too.

The camera is sold on the MyFirst website;

myFirst Camera

Ita with her camera

One thought on “My First Camera

  1. This looks great. If Ita is anything like my daughters they love to take photos and help me do a bit sometimes. The freedom of their own camera would be great for them.


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