Science Museum & Elan Cafe

On the weekend we decided to take advantage of the free offerings in London, it was the weekend before payday after all!

We headed out early so that we could have breakfast at the beautiful Elan Cafe on Hans Crescent, just next door to Harrods. It did not disappoint! The decor is gorgeous. The pink carousel horse and the love hearts are every instagrammers dream!

Ita ordered a huge strawberry sponge cake, Dominic had the walnut cake and I went for the popcorn blondie. We both also had coffee because frankly it’s what we live off generally! It was only about £30 give or take and that included the service charge. I had a few messages on Instagram asking whether I thought it was better than Peggy Porschens so let me explain. Despite the fact that they both sell cakes and coffee, they are very different! I would say that Peggy Porschen set the tone years ago with their pink paint and floral displays in Belgravia but the setting was small and only served a few different cakes (including macaroons and biscuits). Elan on the other hand has always been a cafe with many options food wise. Although they now have a good few cafes (I think about 5?!), it’s the Hans Crescent setting that is the most elaborate in my opinion. The others are quite small and certainly the one by The Dorchester is in dire need of a makeover!

Afterwards we headed to the Science Museum which is only about a 15 mins walk. It’s of course free but we donated £10 as well as buying a science activity book for Ita at £4. All in all, £14 seems fair! There is quite a lot to take in at the Science Museum and you can easily spend a few hours here.

Ita loved the interaction section that has been specially designed for small children. Being that it was a Sunday though, it was very busy and as such we felt like crowds pushed you to the next section too quickly.

Afterwards we took a stroll and headed to Harrods to have some lunch. We love the Pizza restaurant because it’s fairly priced and there usually isn’t much of a queue. At the moment you will see so many gorgeous floral displays because of the Chelsea Garden show.

Harry’s has a gorgeous set up!

I think it’s worth adding that parking in London is free on Sundays and we have never had any problems finding a spot! This time we parked right beside Lauderee (at the back of Harrods).

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