Cadbury World

On Easter Monday we took a road trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham!

It was a long journey so we decided to leave our home at 8am. Accompanied with a fruit shoot, snacks and a Disney soundtrack we jumped on the motorway and arrived in Birmingham at around 10.30am.

To start with we were given a tour through the life of Mr Cadbury himself and the journey of the Cadbury enterprise.

Afterwards, we headed off following the route marked out. There were a few small activities and one was to write our names in chocolate! To be honest, it was too busy to do much else so we queued up as Ita was begging for her face to be painted!

Ita loved the bundles of chocolate she received, having her little face painted (as a pink tiger 😏), and the car ride which she claimed was like It’s a Small World in Disneyland (it’s not, FYI)! She was gutted that it was so short though and that it was the only ride there.

Under 4s are free so for us all to go it was only about £30 (give or take) which seemed really reasonable. Even more so now that we have been because Ita’s age group would have got the same out of the experience as say a 6 year old who had to pay an entrance fee.

The issues we found were mainly around that fact that it was absolutely heaving! I’m guessing because of the Easter event? I can’t imagine it’s always so busy! There was a lot of shoving (not by me, I was on my best behaviour!) which tends to put me in a foul mood because Ita is so small and I worry her glasses will fall off!

There was also ALOT of waiting around. We spent so much of the exhibition standing around waiting which was frustrating.

Over all it was a nice day but not worth the travel. (Although the big bag of Cadbury’s is definitely a pro!)

We are visiting and staying at CBeeBies Land again in a few days so at least Ita can enjoy all the rides she wants!

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