Richmond Toad-in-the-Hole Meal Kit

As parents, we know having the kids come home from school, with winter approaching, homework, all after school activities going on – its tough to find time to create dinners from scratch.

Richmond’s have launched their new Toad in the Hole Meal Kit. It is a tasty, fuss-free dinner and is oven ready in just 5 minutes.

We cooked this dinner on an evening when our daughter had an after school activity and turned out to be a perfect dinner, it warmed us up, filled our bellies too and we enjoyed it so so much!

Our main tip for making mealtimes less hectic is to have a weekly meal plan. We usually do our shop on a Sunday or Monday and we get all the ingredients we need for each dinner for the week. The meals we produce are often more easy on evenings when there is an after school activity, for example, Spaghetti Bolognese, Beans, Chips & Egg or the Richmond Toad in the Hole Meal Kit.

We will definitely be purchasing this meal kit again and again – it is such a great idea for an easy and stress-free meal.

Richmond Toad in the Hole Meal Kit is available in most major supermarkets, it provides families with a new way to enjoy the nation’s favourite sausages with a fuss-free dinnertime option at a cost-effective price.

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