PJ Masks Toy Review

Items gifted for review.

With Christmas fast approaching there will be many new toys coming out. I honestly find it quite overwhelming and find it difficult to determine what would make a good toy for Ita. By that I mean one she will enjoy and play with for ages, as well as learning from it too.

With that in mind, we were sent these two new PJ Masks toys by Just Play.

PJ Masks Romeo’s Flying Factory Playset

Retails at £49.99 however I have seen this for about £41.99 on the Smyths website.

This PJ Masks play set is based on the popular pre-school show. Ita actually used to love PJ Masks and even got to meet them, but hadn’t watched the show in a while so I was apprehensive as to whether this would still interest her. As she is only 4 years old, she tends to flit between a few interests the current one being Disney’s TOTS. Anyway! As soon as she saw the sets she was more than happy and was keen to test them out!

Flying Playset

The set comes with a Catboy and Romeo figure only and Ita was a bit disappointed that it did not come with Owlette. Luckily she has other figures from PJ Masks other sets that she could use but otherwise I think buying the other characters is a must. 

The set comes with a lights and sounds control panel, working crane, laser launcher, drone, and two of Romeo’s greatest gadgets (The Squashatron & The Sniff-O-Whiff).

Ita loved pretending to control the Flying Factory but absolutely loved the secret lair the most.

The Flying Factory can roll back and forth too which of course Ita pushed across the floor countless times.

Romeo’s Flying Factory Playset includes: one Flying Factory, one 7.5cm Catboy articulated figure, one 7.5cm Romeo articulated figure, one lights and sounds control panel, one rolling get-a-way drone vehicle, and two of Romeo’s invention accessories.


•Contents: one Flying Factory, one 7.5cm Catboy figure, one 7.5cm Romeo figure, one light and sound control panel, one rolling get-a-way vehicle, and two of Romeo’s invention accessories

•Lights and sounds control panel plays sounds and phrases

•Kid-powered crane really works

•Launch the lasers to defend the Flying Factory

•Pull the wings back and the Factory will launch Romeo and his get-a-way vehicle

•Dimensions: 20L x 40W x 40H cm

•Batteries Required: 3 x AG14 batteries (included)

I have found the set on here for the lowest price;



PJ Masks Save The Sky Gekko and Gekko-Mobile Set

Retails at £14.99 however this does come in just under on the Smyths website.

Surprisingly, Ita really enjoyed this smaller set and I think it is because she already had Catboys version from last year! I say surprisingly only because children to tend to prefer the bigger sets don’t they? As a parent, I had to admit I did prefer this smaller set as it was easy to put away and store after playing with. I also think it is very reasonably priced and again, because it is small it means it can be taken out with us too.


The PJ Masks Gekko figure and vehicle assortment comes with a 3″ articulated Gekko and his new Gekko-Mobile. (You can of course also get the Catboy and Owlette versions too). I think what I really liked about this was that you simply buy the preferred character. If you want to buy the others then of course you can use them together but equally, it did not feel like Ita needed to have the other characters in order to have fun.


•Contents: A Gekko figure and a Gekko-Mobile vehicle

•Dimensions: 10L x 20W x 10H cm

•Fly into action with Gekko and his Gekko-Mobile!

•Inspired by the show, this new vehicle features a sleek design and discreet wheels that really roll!

•Catboy has poseable arms and legs to promote imaginative play

•Collect all three PJ Masks Save the Sky Vehicle sets including: Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko. (Each sold separately)

Available here;


Save the Sky Gekko set

I asked Ita for her opinion on what she liked the most and she said immediately that she liked the secret lair in the Romeo’s Flying Factory playset. I think typically this is because she quite likes secret compartments in toys. She then explained to me that she liked Gekkos ‘’green car’’ because she can make ‘‘him drive fast and crash into the sky so he flies away’’. I also noticed she played with this for considerable amount of time where as with the bigger play set, she explored it more.

Personally I think the smaller sets make really good ‘’little’’ gifts, especially stocking fillers. If I was to only purchase one I would likely have gone for the bigger playset but I do think it would require you to purchase the other characters too.

Overall, comparing the items with others on the market right now, they are both good value for money. Although they are meant to be for 3 years +, I think children slightly younger would enjoy them too!

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