We’re Off to Find a Unicorn book, Owlet Press

Owlet Press very kindly sent Ita this book a few weeks ago – We’re Off to Find a Unicorn.

The book is written by Eloise White and is illustrated by Cory Reid.

Based loosely on the famous, Were Off on a Bear Hunt, this book incorporates the fun and adventure with cleverly hidden unicorns and wild journeys to the likes of the jungle! Therefore Ita also got to learn about endangered wildlife along the way.

The book is thoroughly engaging and is so interactive. My favourite thing about this book is the diversity of the characters in their ethnicities but also disabilities. It is a beautifully subtle way of demonstrating that differences are irrelevant and totally accepted as normal.

It is so naturally incorporated too which I really liked. I wish more children’s books were like this.

Ita has enjoyed this book so much that she has memorised where the unicorn is.. on every single page!! I would absolutely recommend this book for children.

You can purchase this book via this link below


It is also available in WH Smith’s and Waterstones as well as on Amazon.

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