Big Moe’s Diner, Wembley Press Visit

I don’t think I have ever been more excited to write a blog post! Today we visited Big Moe’s Diner and upon uploading stories of our trip to Instagram, I received loads of questions and lovely comments. So I’ll try my very best to answer them. I have saved the videos that we uploaded onto a highlight “Eating Out”.

Big Moe’s kindly invited us down to try out their menu and so of course we happily agreed! There are currently 3 locations; Beckton, Aldgate and Wembley Park (with a new Ilford base being opened soon). Today we visited the Wembley branch which is on the 2nd floor at the London Designer Outlet, right by Wembley Stadium.

Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by a very cheery and polite waitress who had told us that the Cadillac booth was free (honestly had it not been free I’m quite certain that Ita would have kicked the occupants out!!). There is only one Cadillac booth here and I would suggest that it can seat around 6 people. The restaurants itself is quite big and there are plenty of other retro booths, but this one is quite the show stopper. Therefore if you really want to sit here, mention it when you make your reservations.

The menu is totally true to what you would expect from a 1950s American diner. There was quite a lot to choose from and I kind of wish that I had been as clever as Dom was, since we had decided what he was going to eat prior to going!

For our starters, we decided to order a platter to share. This platter is recommended for 3-4 people but since we weren’t sure how big the portions would be, we ordered it anyway. The platter was absolutely huge and could have easily fed 4-5 adults! It came with BBQ chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, potato skins, onion rings, cheesy garlic bread and 3 different dips. Not only was it really tasty but it was really well presented too.

For main, Dominic went for waffles with fried chicken and maple syrup. This is something he has wanted to try for ages and it didn’t disappoint at all. We both wished that we hadn’t eaten so much to start with because again the portion sizes are very big. (Obviously NOT a complaint!).

Ita had a meal from the kids menu which was very well varied. She chose lightly battered chicken strips and chips and again the portion would easy please a child up to 10 years old at least. Other options included pizza, beef burger, mac n cheese and even vegan nuggets so there really is quite a lot to chose from and still in keeping with the theme.

I went for the Texan Strip Burger which comprised of lightly battered chicken strips with lettuce and mayo. The chicken in the burger was delicious and I loved the way the chips has been cooked with the skin partly on. I’m quite sure I’d order this again!!… although the waffle and chicken did look tempting… as did much of the menu actually… hmmm… ok I’m clearly still thinking too much about the food!!

We decided that there was no way we would be able to have a desert each so we ordered Ita one scoop of bubblegum ice cream and we shared a Fererro Rocher sundae. As we expected, the sundae was definitely enough for 2 people to share (and we couldn’t even finish it!). Ita’s ice cream portion was very big too!

We did have a look at other people’s portions and I want to confirm that we were not given more having been invited, everyone else too had huge portions!!

One thing that people have commented on, was the fact that Ita was dancing the entire way through meal!! Well I don’t blame her! The music was 1950s and it was hard not to sing along!! The atmosphere as soon as you walk in is just electric. The rockerbilly music lifts the atmosphere so you couldn’t not be excited and the staff were all courteous and polite. The only thing that was missing was the roller skates!

In terms of the decor, it is so well kitted out. A lot of thought has been given so that you feel fully immersed in the American diner experience. Everything was themed so well and aesthetically it’s perfect.

Today we attended for lunch which starts from about noon or thereafter. The restaurant is open 7 days a week and on Friday and Saturday it is open until 11.30pm. You can order up to 15 minutes before closing.

There is a separate breakfast menu which is very comprehensive. Breakfast is served from 8.45am Monday to Friday and then from 8am on the weekend. (You can only order breakfast until noon when the menu switches over to lunch/dinner).

We had so much fun today and we loved the food. There is no doubt we will visit again. Would we visit here purely for the food? Yes absolutely. Big Moe’s Diner feels like more than just a restaurant.

I would thoroughly recommend this restaurant especially if you have children. They are treated so well and encouraged to have fun!

If you are visiting on an event day I would suggest booking in advance as it would be quite busy and there might be a wait for a table. You can do this online – the link below brings you to the website.

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