Neveo, Subscription

Ad – A few weeks ago now, we shared a few photos on Instagram of Ita with her grandparents, looking over the Neveo magazine!

Anyone who knows us personally will know how important photos are. They will also tell you how busy we always seem to be! Hence why when Neveo contacted us, we were more than happy to work with them.

Neveo is a really different subscription concept. Every month a newsletter style photo album, in the form of a magazine is made from photos you upload and is then posted to your family. You can even invite friends and other family members to upload photos too!

To get started, head to the App Store and down Neveo. From there you can set up your personal account, adding photos right up until the last day of every month.

There is plenty of room to add captions by each photo too.

Neveo have kindly given me a DISCOUNT code to share with you – ANDREAITAGARCIA

What a fantastic idea for a Christmas present for your children’s grandparents or aunts and uncles?

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