Princess Visits from Limelight Entertainment UK

I’ve received so many lovely messages via Instagram over the past year or so, but other than Disneyland, no topic has been as popular as the ones we get when a princess visits Ita.

We first discovered Limelight Entertainment UK on Instagram back in 2016 although our first booking with them wasn’t until May 2018, on Ita’s second birthday. Ever since, this company had played a vital role in Ita’s early years so far.

In July 2017 when Ita was only 14 months old I had quite a serious car crash resulting in my little car being written off and sent to the scrap heap. Fortunately Ita seemed ok but I was taken to hospital. The following month I noticed that Ita’s right eye seemed to turn in quite often and that she had become incredibly clumsy. I stupidly googled whether head impacts could cause issues with eyes and of course google (being the most informative place on Earth – joke by the way!) told me that indeed head impacts could cause loss of sight.

(Ita on her 2nd Birthday).

I made an appointment with my GP who after seeing how anxious I was, referred Ita to a specialist eye hospital so that tests could be carried out. I don’t want to make this post too much about the specifics of Ita’s eye issues, but after being told that everything was ok, to then being told that she had no vision whatsoever, we now see an eye specialist at Moorfields in East London every 2-3 months. Ita wears glasses full time but needs additional treatment (currently “patching” but possibly surgery).

Getting Ita to wear her glasses was an almighty struggle at the beginning. Nothing worked. Nothing. Until we realised how much she loved her Disney Princesses.

Amy, who is the Founder of Limelight Entertainment UK, has been nothing short of supportive in helping the princesses encourage Ita to wear her glasses and her patch. I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for this company, we would still be struggling with getting Ita to wear her glasses let alone her patch.

Amy has a fleet of beautiful princesses (and superhero’s just in case anyone was wondering!) but one in particular has become such a loving friend to Ita, Alissa. (Seen above).

(Ita and Ariel on Ita’s 3rd Birthday).

I strongly believe that all children deserve a happy and healthy childhood, filled with magical memories along the way. Maybe it’s because of my role in Child Protection. Or maybe it’s because of my own granny Ita and the extremes she went to just so we had such enchanted summers. Either way, I know for sure that Limelight Entertainment UK will continue to play that role in Ita’s childhood.

I couldn’t hold them in higher regard even if I tried!

You can check out their website here

I am also running a competition to win a princess or superhero visit on my Instagram page!


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