Bakerdays Cake

Dominic was sent this wonderful Father’s Day cake from the lovely team at bakerdays.

Myself and Ita decided on a chocolate sponge and Ita chose her favourite photo from my phone. Of course it was going to be one of her favourite place in the world, Disneyland Paris!

If I’m honest I was a bit sceptical as to how it would look when it arrived. I mean it’s being handled through Royal Mail so I thought it would be a mess! But as you can see it is picture perfect. The cake itself was unbelievably soft, moist and tasted really fresh.

I have had balloons and flowers delivered to friends before for things like Birthdays and without a doubt bakerdays has trumped them.

Firstly, the cake is completely personalised by you and it fits through the letter box.

Secondly, it’s a much cheaper alternative. This one is a photo cake priced at £14.99 (5” letterbox gift cake). Thirdly, balloons and flowers seem a bit wasteful by comparison?

However if you want to check them out yourselves, google “bakerdays cakes”. Their website pops up first.

Category link;

Delivery link;

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